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What is Highlighter?

Who are we?

Highlighter is a Non-Profit organisation to educate and empower emerging Intersectional people of marginalised genders in the Creative Industry. To highlight is to “attract attention to, or emphasise something important;” thus Highlighter is about ‘highlighting’ the talents and achievements of the most marginalised people, as well as providing them with the support system to succeed. A highlighter like it’s namesake will be a ‘tool’ for Intersectional people; to decolonise, network and create.

What do we stand for?

Our Vision

We envision a world where Intersectional creatives have the same opportunities as non-marginalised people; where their identity is no longer an obstacle in their journey to personal and creative success.

Our Values

Highlighter will be centred around three core principles: Inclusivity: Diversity beyond tokenism. Transparency: Ethical production and consumption. Empowerment: equipping Intersectional creatives with the tools for self-autonomy.

Our Mission

Highlighter’s Mission Statement is to educate and empower emerging Intersectional people of marginalised genders in the Creative Economy.

Our Profile

Highlighter is focused on having Intersectional creatives excel to fulfil their maximum potential, whether that is an Intersectional student fresh out of university, or someone with no prior creative experience. We are here to support you on your journey through the creative industry.

Our Location

Our main team will be located between Paris and London, however as Highlighter is a digital platform, our goal is to make our tools accessible to all places, people and backgrounds.

Our Ethics

Accessibility is one of the key pillars of Highlighter, it is pivotal to us that the site and it’s tools are as democratic as possible. If any profit occurs, they will go directly to charity, or to benefit the creators of said projects and collaboration.

“Instead of hoping for an invitation to get a seat at their table, I am building my own mansion and putting my own table in it.”

This poignant quote by the talented Lebanese musician and Highlighter writer, Juliana Yazbeck, succinctly summarises Highlighter’s philosophy. We are building this platform as a support system, to foster relationships and propel Intersectional growth in the creative industry. Highlighter is made by and for Intersectional creatives.


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