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Meet our Visual Contributors


Visual Contributors:


Janaki Mistry

Janaki is a British-Asian fine artist, whose practice is based up the self-realisation of being naïve to living in white-dominated spaces. Her work is a reclaiming of identity by questioning societies structural beliefs and dismantling western norms and values. Janaki is collaborating with Highlighter on a joint visual art project, “The Mark.” The Mark questions the institutional under-representation of Women of Colour in the creative industry.

Follow her on Instagram here.


Simran Bhalla

Simran is a fashion creative, her skills lie within Photography, Editing, and Styling, additionally she has dabbled in and out of Marketing and Communications. Finding a love for Fashion along the way of her foundation, she went on to study a degree that would allow her to explore all elements of Fashion, making her the varied and broad individual she is today. She is currently anchoring her thesis in her own personal experience; in order to raise awareness of the lack of representation of South Asian women in the Creative Industry, which is concluding with the launch of her own zine, Desi Gal.

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Manifesto Collaborators:


Irene Antonia Diane Reece

Irene, born and raised in Houston, Texas, is deemed as a fine art artist and visual activist. Her recent work questions societies perspectives on her racial identities and combats the social norms in regards to being a Black Mexican woman living in the United States and Europe.

See her work here, and follow her on Instagram here.


Aishwary Bundela

Aishwary, is a fashion designer originally from Delhi, now living and working in Paris. The menswear collection Fatima is wearing in the Intersectional manifesto is designed and handmade by him, the collection challenges western masculinity by fusing it with the tropes of ‘Freshie culture’ and Desi gender perceptions. His forthcoming collection seeks to shine a light on the struggle of marginalised women in India who juggle two full-time jobs; being a homemaker and a breadwinner.

Follow him on Instagram here.


Fatima Salajee

Fatima is a London born, South Asian model and writer, who has previously written for London Runway. She is an avid magazine reader, which is what sparked her interest in journalism; she looks forward to blending together her love for politics and fashion in her work.


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