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Who is Highlighter for?

Highlighter was made by and for Intersectional people. Whether you are interested in the creative industry, or a working professional we are here to support you in your career and personal life.

Am I an Intersectional person?

Yes, if you are multiply burdened by your identities. Simply put, do you face sexism and/or racism, homophobia, transphobia or ableism to name a few. We are here to support and elevate you if so. Highlighter is a safe space for ALL Intersectional people.

Is Highlighter looking for collaborations?

Definitely! We currently have a number of projects in the works, including visual art projects, photography shoots and ongoing zines. Message us through our contact form, or contact our founder by email at

Are you open to submissions?

Of course, we are open as a platform for written pieces, be they thought pieces or more informative writing. Fill in our contact form and pitch us your piece in around 200 words! We are also open to people who want to regularly post as a Highlighter writer, so email us to submit your profile.

Does Highlighter have verified social networks?

Yes! Follow us on Instagram at, we will be shortly opening up a FB page and private group.

Have a PR request?

Contact us further at


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